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I can’t say enough positive things about Kiley and the forest program. We saw a complete transformation with our child. He developed a connection and love for the outdoors that I hope will guide him throughout life. To this day, I watch him sitting and playing outside, sometimes just observing his environment, and I know I owe so much of that to the love, care and respect that Kiley has for all her students. This approach is completely inclusive in the absolute best way. It allows children to thrive in the first five years which are fundamental in building a connection to creativity, openness and the outdoors. At the same time, also providing a safe and familiar environment where they can learn and feel supported. Children have the rest of their lives to sit in a structured environment indoors and this precious time of exploration and free-play will set them up for a lifetime of learning and curiosity. We were thrilled and so grateful for our experience with the school and Kiley. He still brings up his school a year later and I know he will remember this positive experience forever. —

One of the ways that we knew that we had found a preschool that was just right for us was seeing Kiley’s combination of warmth, strength, and compassion.  When we visited for the first time, our kiddo almost immediately slipped while climbing on a tree.  Kiley was right there to catch her and comfort her and our kiddo calmed down and returned to playing.  This was especially striking to us because our kid often doesn’t want comforting, even from us as parents, but she immediately trusted Kiley even though she had just met her.  Kiley was also always really great about making time to chat about what the school day was like and was proactive about communicating anything we might want or need to know.  Kiley also has a really wonderful sense for weaving beauty into daily rituals.  She introduced a number of lovely nature-based songs that we still sing every day at home.

Kiley was my son’s forest school teacher for over a year, and during that time, I could see that she has a rare gift of being able to connect quickly and genuinely with both children and parents. Our son has a warm and trusting bond with Kiley, and their interactions were filled with joy. This would have been enough for me to think that Kiley was an amazing educator and care provider.

On top of this, my own interactions with Kiley—even in just the few minutes we spoke during pick-up time—were filled with the same feelings of joy and warmth. Kiley has a true gift of connection, she’s a great communicator, and she makes anyone around her, children or adults, feel more open and curious about the world.

Kiley was my daughter’s teacher at an outdoor school called Woodland Preschool when she was 2.5 to 3.5 years old. We absolutely loved Kiley. She has an intuitive sense of how to connect with a child, that they feel seen and are important just as they are. My daughter felt so safe with her, even in a forest and while gaining independence doing things like climbing trees. Kiley is gentle, with clear expectations. My daughter would proudly show us how she did important tasks, like washing her hands, just how Kiley had taught her. And, Kiley is joyful: she genuinely enjoys children, is interested in the worlds they weave as they play pretend, and helps them learn how to work & play together well. We are excited for the new school that Kiley is building, and all the families who will get to be a part of that.

​”Kiley Brown was my daughter’s caregiver over this last summer from June 2020 through August 2020 getting us through some of the challenges that the pandemic and Shelter in Place orders brought us. She was up to date with all of the safety orders and also had a cool app that was helpful for signing in/taking temps/sharing pics. That was a cool new feature.

She has also been one of the teachers in Lily’s class at Montessori School for the previous 2 years which was a bonus because her curriculum provided continuity for my daughter during these changing times.

She was and is extremely loving, kind and thoughtful with my daughter. Kiley is extremely dependable, organized and very trustworthy. Kiley is a great caregiver, teacher and overall person. I really appreciate the influence she has had on my daughter in terms of teaching her to take responsibility for herself and how to communicate/play kindly with others. Those are just a couple of things she’s reinforced that I genuinely appreciate, off the top of my head.

Kiley has an inherent ability to be very patient and kind with children. I highly recommend Kiley for any job involving caregiving and/or teaching positions with children which takes a unique gift and she has it.”

“Our family has known Kiley for three years, and over those three years, she’s become like family. We first met Kiley when our daughter was starting at Brush Creek Montessori School (BCMS). Immediately upon meeting Kiley, we sensed her dedication, ease, and consistency with which she interacted with the children in the class. In the two years we knew Kiley at BCMS, many of the kids and parents in my daughter’s class adored Kiley.

As a parent, I knew I could count on Kiley for open and honest communication, and that she would make sure my daughter was safe and well-cared for. From my daughter’s perspective, Kiley taught her important life skills in a fun way — our daughter would often come home and tell us about a thing Kiley helped her with or a song Kiley taught her.

When Kiley opened up her home to welcome children, we were confident our daughter would thrive and have fun. And she did! Kiley had various activities set up for them every day, and kept them busy. Kiley sent us photos nearly every day of the kids working on finger painting, to practicing letter writing, to going for walks outside. Kiley is a dedicated, reliable, warm, and consistent teacher, and we are lucky to have had the chance to work with Kiley.”

“I am writing to highly recommend Kiley Brown. She has helped to educate our 4 year old son for the last two years while she was an assistant teacher at Brush Creek Montessori school and also at her home once the school closed during the pandemic. Ms. Brown is kind, respectful,
intelligent, professional, hard-working, and a great communicator.

Trusting your child with someone is a critical decision and our family has nothing but confidence and trust in Ms. Brown. Our son, Danilo, grew and flourished greatly under her care and tutelage. Our daughter, Dana, also interned with Ms. Brown for a short time recently and reported back to us what we already knew; that Ms. Brown was wonderful.

I am confident that Ms. Brown would be a great caregiver and teacher to any and all families that use her services and I highly recommend her.”

“Kiley Brown was my Daughter’s caregiver from July 2014 through November 2019. She
was extremely loving, kind and thoughtful with my daughter. Kiley was extremely dependable and very trustworthy. She cared for my daughter since my daughter was seven months old until my daughter turned 6.

Kiley was also a great teacher and influence on my daughter. Kiley also
worked at a Montessori school part time and she used the skills she learned with my daughter which made my daughter very independent and responsible.

Kiley was just like family and the care she provided to my daughter was exceptional.

Kiley has an inherent ability to be very patient and kind with children. She was firm with my daughter yet kind. I would highly recommend Kiley for any job for a teaching position with children.”