At WildChild, we are passionate about making a connection with each and every early child, and fostering their unique personal interests, curiosities, and capabilities. We believe that early learners are extremely capable; we provide an encouraging, nurturing environment for exploration and investigation. Our curriculum is focussed on play and building independence, inspiring personal confidence, growth and development.

We are passionate about helping early learners to realize their potential and inspiring them to be playful explorers and lifelong learners. Through gentle guidance and observation, educators at Wildchild create a safe, culturally rich and inviting environment where children feel excited and enthusiastic about each day. Our educators are committed to instilling wholesome values such as self esteem, empathy, and self responsibility in all early learners, as well as promoting positive thinking and peaceful practices among the WildChild community.

​About the Founder

headshot kiley

Kiley has 10+ years experience in early childhood education and it is her passion. She has a degree from Sonoma State University as well as Early Childhood Education specializing in toddler and pre school aged childcare and early development. She has worked in various styles of childcare ranging from private childcare to teaching. She has taught a wide age range in multiple class environments such as Forest preschool, Reggio Emilio, and Montessori programs all around the Bay Area.

Kiley played 4 years of collegiate soccer and loves to stay active which includes hiking, playing soccer at Beach Chalet, camping, gardening, rock climbing and being in nature. She has a rescue dog named Maru, who also enjoys being on outdoor adventures. Kiley grew up in the Bay Area and loves to call it home, she lived in beautiful Sonoma county until 2020 when she moved to San Francisco.

​Kiley has provided childcare for countless families in the community for over 10 years and counting. Her families rely on her commitment to quality, kind, nurturing, and reliable care. ​

“I’m so excited to be on this journey with you raising capable, conscious, and caring young humans!”
~ Ms. Kiley

Maru (Mar-roo)

Note from a former colleague:

Kiley and I were colleagues at the Brush Creek Montessori School from September 2019 – March 2020.   I am the Head Teacher in the Amber classroom and I had the great honor and blessing to have Kiley work with me. In all of my years teaching (25+) I have never had such a thoughtful, observant, conscientious, mindful, kind, patient, knowledgeable and dedicated co-teacher as Kiley.

She is so incredibly supportive, flexible and most importantly, such an amazing teacher.  She always knew the perfect time to step in when needed and the best way to approach and guide a child through their day both inside and outside the classroom.

We worked really well as a team together.  I am so thankful that I had her by my side each day to help manage the classroom and teach, as well as being a beautiful role model for our students.  The children and I absolutely adored being with Kiley each day.  I always told her that she was my “dream” co-teacher.