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Reading – Develop concepts of interpreting pictures to represent words/ideas, isolate/identify letters, recognize name spelling and identify letters in words, develop critical thinking skills, recognize patterns through sorting and matching, attention for detail, likeness and differences in words 

Language – Develop listening and memory skills, practice phonetics and recognition of sounds to make words, increase vocabulary, develop complex language patterns, associate letters with the sounds they represent, likeness and differences in sounds/auditory discrimination 

Writing – Recognize and name upper and lower case letter, develop concepts of space, shape, size, and location, develop hand-eye coordination, learn proper grip and hand positioning, develop concepts for writing letters/numbers 

Math – Identify numbers, develop concepts of shape, size, length, location, quantity. Develop understanding of patterns and designs, counting, create patterns, develop understanding of concepts of addition/subtraction and simple fractions 

Science – Develop concepts of critical thinking for exploration and problem solving, concepts of nutrition, cooking, weather, space and biology, color mixing to create primary/secondary colors 

Art & Music – Develop creativity, self confidence, self esteem. Practice fine/gross motor skills, learn concepts of symmetry, balance, design, identify texture, weight, size, exploration of creativity, work with various mediums and materials. Activities with rhythm, song, experimentation with musical instruments 

Practical Life – Develop fine/gross motor skills, learn focus, independence, critical thinking, discipline, organization, concepts of creating order from disorder, learn/practice proper hand washing and hygiene, cooking, baking, and classroom/outdoor environment maintenance to develop personal responsibility